Baseplate Track Pad FC208

FC208 is a high quality cellular rubber bonded cork product, of low to medium stiffness, designed with a good static to dynamic ratio, normally supplied in a thickness of 10 to 20mm.

Designed for use as a baseplate pad material, FC208 is used to reduce the transmission of vibration from the track to the concrete substrate. Where a very high level of electrical resistance is required, FC208 can be supplied integrally bonded to a highly insulating surface layer.

Physical Properties

Test Method Conditions Data Units
Hardness ISO 48 35 oIRHD
Density ISO 2781 0.62 g/cm3
Tensile Strength ISO 37 >1.0 MPa
Elongation at Break ISO 37 >100 %
Electrical Resistance BS 903pt. C2 500v dc >1.0 x 108 Ω.cm
Electrical Resistance RT/CE/S/052 500v ac, 2000Hz
Static Deflection, 12mm 0.128 - 1.128 MPa 290 kN/mm/m2
Dynamic Deflection, 12mm 0.128 - 1.128 MPa 2Hz 400 kN/mm/m2