Baseplate Track Pad FC14

Trackelast FC14 is a black, cork modified elastomeric baseplate pad material, based on natural rubber and available in thicknesses up to 20mm.

FC14 is a baseplate pad designed to provide a resilient interface between rail chairs or baseplates and concrete or steel sleepers. It is also used for continuous rail support in embedded rail systems.

Where maximum electrical resistance is important the pad can be supplied with a 1mm thick highly insulating layer bonded to the top surface. FC14 is suitable for axle loads up to 18 tonnes, depending on baseplate dimensions.

Physical Properties

Test Method Conditions Data Units
Hardness ISO 48 55 oIRHD
Density ISO 2781 0.73 g/cm3
Tensile Strength ISO 37 1.4 MPa
Elongation at Break ISO 37 45 %
Abrasion Resistance Taber 3000 cycles, 500g H22 1.5 g loss
Abrasion Resistance Taber 3000 cycles, 500g H22 3.6 mm loss
Electrical Resistance, 10mm BS 903pt. C2 500v dc 1011 Ω
Electrical Resistance, 10mm RT/CE/S/052 500v ac, 2000Hz 850
Static Stiffness, 12mm 0.128 - 1.128 MPa 500 kN/mm/m2
Dynamic Stiffness, 12mm 0.128 - 1.128 MPa 2Hz 920 kN/mm/m2